Talk: Supporting the move to electric vehicles (EV’s) for wheelchair users


  • Michelle Vellacott
    Customer Support Director, Motability Operations
  • David Fairbairn
    Managing Director, CALLUM Designs


Friday 17 May 2024

11:00am to 11:25am

Session Details

Join Michelle and David as they share the work Motability Operations, the organisation that delivers the Motability Scheme to disabled people across the UK and design and engineering house CALLUM are doing to make the transition to electric vehicles simple for users of wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs).

Motability Scheme WAV customers have told us what they want from an EV, so in collaboration Motability Operations and Callum have developed a concept solution that addresses the challenges around EV conversion and wheelchair accessibility through thoughtful and inclusive design. They’ll unveil the designs for eVITA, a next-generation electric wheelchair accessible vehicle (eWAV) and share the exciting next steps.

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