Darren Harris PLY

Paralympian, coach and public speaker | Motability Scheme Ambassador and customer

Paralympian and founder of Unblind Your Mind, Darren gives people in business and education the psychological tools to overcome adversity like a pro. Darren lost all his sight gradually following a diagnosis of cancer in both eyes. His motto “Your eyes are useless unless you use what’s between your ears” was born out of the realisation that whilst he couldn’t regain his sight, he could unblind his mind.

He has earned numerous accolades on and off the sports field, not despite, but because of his blindness, including becoming England’s most capped blind footballer with 157 appearances, an honorary doctorate for outstanding public service, and Amazon bestselling author of Transforming Your Life. Darren is also a TEDx speaker who has spoken to over a quarter of a million delegates across the globe on a wide range of topics around adversity.

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